Rainforest Binaural Beats: Theta Waves for Creative Sleep Cycles and Meditation (Brainwave Synchronization)

by Aurora Australis

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Theta waves have been linked to experiencing emotions, daydreaming, intuition, relaxation, the subconscious mind, and REM sleep. Theta waves are tied to enhanced levels of creativity. This is in part due to the fact that “conscious” thinking is turned off and our right hemisphere becomes more active with slower wave activity. The right hemisphere of the brain is linked to emotion, images, and creativity such as with art and music. Think of musicians and inventors that daydream and have imagery come to them.
Alpha waves are used to promote rest, and are present at different stages of the wake-sleep cycle. Alpha wave intrusion occurs when alpha waves appear with non-REM sleep when delta activity is expected.

For this recording our team recorded Theta and Alpha infused drone sounds through the geology of the natural rainforest over a span of two days. The end result is a relaxing hour long recording of drone geology and binaural beats taken from and through the natural environment. Theta waves are infused in the sound of rain and Alpha waves in the hum of the earth.
Track one was recorded using 22 micophone placements at 96hz with Theta waves used heavy as the sound source (to promote creative REM sleep).
Track two was recorded using 19 microphone placements at 96hz in different locations as alpha waves are introduced to promote a deep sleep cycle.
This recording is intended for meditation and sleep. It is recommended that it not be listened to while operating machinery or driving.


released April 9, 2017



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Aurora Australis Australia

Just a bunch of dedicated drone geologists travelling the world to capture and transcribe Earth into sound

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